Radiator Service


Have you been experiencing temperature issues with your vehicle? We can help. Radiator issues can be tricky and the solution is not always obvious. Sometimes radiators just need to be drained and re-filled; other times, full replacement is necessary. We'll inspect your car and advise on the best option; but we'll never tell you that your car needs more radiator work than is necessary.

The cooling system in your car maintains the engine temperature within its optimum range. This will ensure the engine is operating at its most efficient level. If the cooling system fails, serious problems can occur, overheating can damage key components or ultimately cause engine seizure.

The cooling system includes the radiator, fan, water-pump, high-temp hoses and the flow of fluids throughout the engine block and heads. Each of these components exhibit unique symptoms in the event of breakdown or failure. We have the experience to recognize these signs when they present themselves.

Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre can help you deal with any abnormal temperature issues, before it causes serious damage.

Radiator Services - Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre