for Squamish & Whistler Roads



Tire sections in department stores can be downright confusing.  With our local knowledge of what's required for these roads can get you Squamish require a special kind of tire.  You need a tire that is Sea to Sky ready, which means a constant changing conditions, hydroplaning, slippery sections, unexperienced BC weather drivers.  You need safe, reliable, cost-efficient tires; so when reading labels in the self-service aisle, you may find yourself asking, "Do I need Mickey Thompson, high-performance tires, or would the Uniroyal all season tires be best? What are traction ratings; and why are the Cooper ratings different than the Toyo ratings for the same priced tire? What types of snow tires are best for Squamish BC weather? Is a high tread-wear grade good or bad?"  Will this get me safely to my next mountain or valley destination?

Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre knows all the answers and are here to help with all your tire questions and needs.



Good tires make for a smooth ride; after all, tires are the only part of a car that contacts the road. If you think a tire is just a bunch of rubber, you're both right and wrong. Yes, tires are primarily comprised of rubber, but they also contain a series of cords, tubes, wires, fabrics and chemicals; compressed air also plays an important role in the design of modern tires.

Safe Tires Means a Safer Family

People often take their car tires for granted until … something goes awry. With your already packed schedule, tire maintenance is likely to be forgotten. However, considering that the average person spends nearly a thousand hours a year in their vehicle, tire safety should remain a top priority … especially for the family taxi. The right tires ensure a safer ride to and from dance class or hockey practice. Remember: an unexpected blown tire can quickly spiral into a very dangerous situation. A safe family car is one with properly maintained tires.

How Much Do Quality Tires Cost?

Due to the sluggish economy, you’ve probably considered buying budget-priced tires. While some less-expensive tires are great on reliability and safety, it’s important to consult a professional before making a purchase. If you’re not careful, the wrong, cheap tire bought on Monday, could be Tuesday’s blown tire. Tirecraft technicians know the right tires to pair with your car; we’ll make sure you get the best set suited for your car and circumstances.

How to Read a Tire

There is a great deal of information on the sidewall of a tire besides the manufacturers and model; specifically about the tires intended purpose, dimensions, internal construction, load index and speed rating. Using the example P 215/65 R15 89H M+S the How To Read Tires article describes what these numbers mean.