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Tire Service


Tire Service

Tires keep your car safely on the road, so proper tire maintenance is an important safety measure as well as good economics. A properly maintained tire will last longer and perform better. Good 2 Go Tirecraft is an expert in tire care.


We understand the inconveniences that come with seasonal tire storage which is why we offer affordable options to our valued customers. Once we've swapped out those summer wheels, your set will be tagged and coded to your personal account. They are then securely stored until you need them again. Only $100 to store your tires until next season. Take back your space!

Tire Pressure

We will check and adjust your air pressure…at no charge.

Tire Wear Inspection

To a trained eye, tire wear can give early warning to front end problems. We will assess tire and front-end performance concerns for you… no charge.

Tire Rotation

We recommend rotating your tires and performing a tire safety check every 10,000 km.

Tire Repair

We can repair most tire punctures. 

Wheel Alignment

Your car should not pull to the left or right. Proper alignment means a smoother, safer,  more pleasant driving experience and also saves you money. When wheel alignment is checked on a consistent schedule, tires last longer and will prevent suspension problems down the road.

If you have a significant impact with a curb, encountered a large pot-hole at full speed or have otherwise jarred your wheels you may have thrown your alignment out. Come in and we can check it out for you.