Transmission Service


While some people don't think transmissions need to be flushed, there are those who swear by it. If you want to make sure your engine stays clean and the fluid in your transmission is working at optimal capacity, a flush is recommended every now and again. Good to Go Auto technicians are also well-versed in transmission replacement and we're always able to get parts quickly.

Transmission fluid is designed to last a very long time, provided it is consistently held within its normal operating temperature. 

An automatic transmission creates a lot of internal heat through friction: the friction of the fluid churning inside the torque converter, friction created when the clutch plates engage, and the normal friction created by gears and bearings carrying their loads.

Normal driving will raise fluid temperatures to 175 degrees F, which is the usual temperature range at which most fluids are designed to operate. But if the fluid temperature goes much higher, the life of the fluid begins to plummet. The problem is that even normal driving can push fluid temperatures well beyond safe limits. And once that happens, the trouble begins.

The Good 2 Go Auto service team can determine if your transmission fluid has started to breakdown and if so can make the necessary repairs.

Transmission Service - Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre