Tune-ups / Oil Change


Oil is the life-blood of your engine; it lubricates the moving parts, functions under pressure and at high temperatures. Over time, oil will break down and the oil filter will become full of bits of metal and sludge.

When you bring your car to Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre for an oil change we will inspect your oil for signs of engine wear, drain and recycle the used oil, replace the oil filter and add an approved grade and weight oil suited for your car. During an oil change we will check your fluid levels (cooling system, transmission, steering, brake and differential lubricant), and have look at your braking system.

A Tune-up will bring your car's engine performance in-line with its manufacturer's specifications. Modern car engines are a collection of sophisticated systems, controlled by computers and sensors. Remember when a tune-up was plugs, points and condenser?

Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre has the specialized equipment to plug in to your car; the training to use the equipment and experience to understand the results. We will ensure your engine operates as efficiently as possible. Give us a call today.

Tune Ups and Oil Change - Good 2 Go Tirecraft Auto Centre