Air Conditioning Service


Automotive AC is basically a refrigerator, designed to move heat from one place to another, from the inside of your car to the outdoors. The power used by the AC is drawn from your car's engine; so a well-maintained AC system makes efficient use of your car's power and minimizes the costs of cooling your vehicle.

There are a number of legal regulations around the handling of AC refrigerant. These have grown in recent years with the understanding of the adverse effect that certain refrigerants have on the global environment (ozone layer). For example: 1) it is illegal to release refrigerant into the atmosphere; 2) it is illegal to add refrigerant into an AC system known to leak; and 3) it is illegal to charge or recharge an AC system with an ozone depleting substance (which older AC system may have been designed to use).

The type of refrigerant used in Automotive AC have made great advances in recent years, however this means the type of refrigerant your AC is designed to use may not be available due to regulation.

Servicing an Automotive AC is a complicated process. Good 2 Go Auto can get the job done for you so give us a call today!

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